Write Your Own Business Plan For All Types Of Business

You see the place that most people would go to would be a marketing consultant – someone with a packet of alphabet soup after their name. Now that might make you feel comfortable, but what about the results? Is there a ‘no gain, no fee’ guarantee?

Then out of the blue, the umpire declares that it is match-point… to your opponent! You can’t believe it. You go back to the baseline and set yourself up for this big point. But it’s too late to get your mind back into gear and you hit the return wide. The game is over, the final is lost. If only you’d been able to track the score during the game. You would have been able to fight back earlier.

Very quickly. The only issue is what type of account to use. Since the IRA is self-directed (the owner decides how to invest it), the money can be put into a savings account designated for IRA purposes or high-risk stocks. You take responsibility for your money. Assuming your favorite bank isn’t overloaded with last minute applicants for deductible IRAs in a recession year (I think the odds are low that they will be), you can go to a bank or mutual fund company and simply open an account on the spot. It is a fairly simple process- fill out the application and open the account.

Something every writer needs is a decent vocabulary. Instead of reading the dictionary, make your own. Any word you come across that you don’t know, write it down and define it. I have a small journal that I have transformed into my own personal dictionary. All the words that I don’t know, I write in my journal, look them up, then occasionally I will read through it. Its amazing to see how, without much effort or studying, most of those words in my dictionary have become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

One of the World’s largest oil companies employed me. My job was to calculate that company’s State and Local taxes. After a few years, the management of that den of criminals decided that there wasn’t any place for an honest tax tax within the company and I was fired. In fact, I discovered that the management of that company wasn’t loyal to anything but the earnings per share ratio shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do things that weren’t exactly right and I refused. Were they setting me up to take the blame for their behavior, or was it a test of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn’t spend five years in college so I could learn how to be a crook.

Developing an advertising budget and knowing just what resources to use is key to keeping money under control in a small business. You must advertise, but you also must get value for your money or you will soon be out of business. Keep a record of how much is spent, can you get payment terms, when is the most efficient time to advertise your particular product or service to get the most value for the dollar. Every dollar must be accounted for in advertising because the lifeline of your business depends on new and paying customers. Advertising is the way to get the word out to the community or the internet.

The gift of time is the most valuable gift of all. Visit the people you care about during the holidays and take an interest in their lives. Be sure to carry this gift through to the new year.

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