Triple Rock Events During Sf Beer Week

If you like shopping, you can shop literally shop till you drop at any of our malls, and shopping centers. Our largest mall is located in Grandville Michigan, the RiverTown Crossings Mall is a two story shoppers dream land with all kinds of neat stores to browse through, several restaurants are located in the mall, as well as a large food court with a large carousel. Located right in front of the food court is a twenty screen theater, take in one of the latest flicks, and chow down on fresh hot popcorn, and enjoy yourself.

The opportunities are limitless. People gravitate to places that are active. Laughter and joy always brings a crowd. Can you imagine the buzz in a community about a church that offers several such activities.

Bachom went on the become an award-winning producer of television commercials, and has created hundreds of films she calls “Schlockumentaries.” She has also written three books, created an on-line tribute to Manny’s World after the legendary music store closed (which features an autographed photo of Dylan), and is currently organizing an eight-day Greenwich Village Music Ramadan mubarak duas.

“I always enjoy performing at OSPAC,” said the tenor saxophonist, a producer in his own right, who served for years as a house tenor for HighNote Records and is currently known as a master of popular songs which he performs in a relaxed, highly accessible style reminiscent of the great Ben Webster.

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second Largest city has plenty of neat places to visit and enjoy. The John Ball Park Zoo is home to many exotic animals, and has a small aquarium complex, and reptile and snake exhibit, and many more things too see and do, kids love it!

The Pumphouse Brewery was opened back in 1996 by four local technical engineers / entrepreneurs after a year long remodeling effort. Previously, the brewery site had been home to a wood and coal storage yard, a gas station and a car dealership. The Pumphouse Brewery is adjoined by the Red Zone Sports Bar. The brewery itself sits smack dab in the middle of the restauant. It’s four huge shiny fermentation tanks are easily viewable from all area of the restaurant.

This is the beauty of folk, especially when it is live. It is appealing to so many different ages and backgrounds and brings people together to have a wonderful time.