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I’ve often mentioned how I live in an apartment and have a limited amount of space. I always envision having a whole house, where there are rooms aplenty to store all of my books, comics, movies and other assorted things. Yet, my parents have a house, and they too have a storage shortage.

LT: I am not a big anime fan so forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but it seems that the comic seems to appeal to a lot of anime types as well. Does this mesh in with your other web comic projects like Building 12?

But enough about that – you’re looking for something to do tonight and this weekend – aren’t you? Here’s a few things to think about when planning what you want to do for the next seven days.

2)Get out your tracing paper. The easiest way to learn how to draw comic book characters is to trace them. Simply place a sheet of tracing paper over a page in a comic that features the character you want to draw. Then, trace that character onto the tracing paper. Practice tracing this same character over and over until you think you can do it on your own. Then, try it without tracing. You may be surprised at how well you do.

Sometimes, you want to limit your collection apart from a movie or a comic book theme. Let’s say you admire the aesthetic design or the craftsmanship put into a certain toy figure. Well, you can focus on making a collection of it with special sculpts and paint jobs. This will make a unique action figure collection as well.

Jon Favreau is, of course, in the beginning stages of pre-production for Iron Man 2 set for release May 7, 2010 and is extremely interested in being in the director’s chair for The Avengers. Another interesting bit of news is that Eva Longoria had declared interest for a role in The Avengers. She was seen leaving Marvel Studios carrying a stack of Avengers manga and a Marvel business card. Rumors are swirling that she may wind up being The Wasp in the film.

First of all, exercise must become a part of your daily routine. It only takes 30-40 minutes per day to make a huge difference in health. You are probably thinking you don’t have time as it is. I listen to my self improvement courses while working out everyday so I can knock two things out at once.

Internet is a boon for people who want instant results for their search. Online websites offer customized search options wherein you can find stores with rare collection of comic books. Some websites give you the facility to directly buy books online. Just use your credit card and your order will be shipped at your doorstep.

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