How To Use Video For Marathon Fundraising

Imagine yourself being ferried by one of those gondolas at a ski resort. You see slopes that look like totally awesome places to ski. You ask the guide whether you’ll be skiing there and he curtly replies “No,” and he points you in the other direction where you see natural scenery with a variety of landscapes. “That’s where you’ll be skiing.” So what is heli-skiing? It’s getting on a helicopter and then going to that radical wilderness site to ski. No rules, no artificial snow blowers and nobody to tell you what you can or you can’t do. It’s about finding that extreme location via a chopper, getting dropped off and totally going for it.

“All You Need Is Love” was written in 1969. It’s such a simple song with simple lyrics, but it is an anthem that simply states, “All you need is love.” Call me crazy, but that’s all I want. This song reminds me that there are people that think the same way, and that want to spread the same message.

So what google does is it crawls all these different sites across the web and by seeking out keyword on each site, and looking at the incoming links for each site and a host of other algorithmic stuff that’s way over my head (and really who cares anyway) they decide which sites should rank where.

Aerobic Dance Class Tip #2 You might want to stay in the back of the class. People taking group fitness classes at some gyms can be very territorial about their “spot”, so it’s best to stick to in back of the class your first visit to get a feel for things. Most aerobic studios have mirrors on three or four of the walls, allowing you to see the instructor no matter where you’re standing in the room.

The other day, I saw a very intelligent way of using ShareCash. Somebody had put up a youtube thumbnail size, showing proof of how he’d solved an important problem which had troubled many users.

Ideally, do some keyword research and keep a list of potential topics, writing about each one in turn. I often do this with a spreadsheet so I can keep easy track of dates and the topics I wrote about but any other system that works for you will be fine.

Now, this video has had plenty of views, and if only 1% of all the people, who saw it, took action and downloaded that particular file, he probably earned several hundreds dollars. This is, of course, just an estimate. But worth trying.

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