Health Care And Living Wills Versus Power Of Attorney

Do you worry about whether your aging parents have their “affairs in order?” You should. After all, you’re the one who will have to pay unnecessary taxes and endure time-consuming court procedures if your parents don’t have an effective estate plan. Without some forethought on their part and your part, you could be facing a lot of wasted time and money in addition to a lot of frustration. All of the waste and frustration can easily be avoided.

For years I would drive out to her country home to visit her every other week. We’d laugh and pay bills and take care of business and eat lunch together. Early one morning a few months ago, her legs just collapsed right out from under her and she fell, hitting her head. When her home health aid found her, she had been lying there for at least 2 hours, blood seeping slowly from the cut on her scalp, body too weak to make itself get up.

12.) Make plans now, before anything happens to you. Take care of your family by having a will, designating a person to make medical decisions for you with durable صيانة بريما for health care, setting up a trust, etc. Grief alone is enough to deal with. Spare your family from also having to make a bunch of decisions that you could have taken care of ahead of time. Bernice and her husband Walter planned every detail of their memorial services ahead of time, right down to the hymns and the flowers. We can simply honor their wishes. What a gift.

Making these important decisions now, while you are still able, ensures your wishes will be fulfilled. It is equally important that the children, now tending to their parents, also go through the same procedure to protect their children. An attorney and financial professional can help you get the most from your assets, plan for the future, know all the requirements of taxes, and many other issues so daunting and foreign to most of us. Remember to enlist their help.

Stage 5: You can obtain a copy of your credit report and there are professionals who would help you in this process also in regaining your lost credit.

Help does not always come when you push the little button at the bed. So many patients, so little staff. Push the one in the bathroom if possible for a quicker response.

Having your document elaborated by a lawyer is not legal. You can try to use the Power of Attorney Form as an example in order to create your own version. On the other hand, having it drafted by a popular law firm will not cost you a lot (compare various quotes).

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