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In the past, and right up to this very moment, funding mechanisms for tourism organizations have been nearly the same since way back in history when someone figured out that getting tourists to visit an area was good for the businesses and general economy of that area.

I’ll be talking about West Insulated siding Virginia Beach because I have first hand knowledge of what’s been happening here in the mountain state for many years now. West Virginia is by no means unique! All 49 other states in our republic have similar funding processes…and similar, if not worse, problems.

Paul: Two of them, Josh Kinkaid and Frank McKnight, are related. Kincaid is a transplant to the Phoenix area, but his life, like his choice of locales, is random. He’s an orphan who has essentially never outgrown his orphan status. His cousin Frank is a former Detroit cop with a hero/quest mentality encumbered by an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. Jeffrey Bonus is a young reporter who wants to find out how or why his father, a career military officer, committed suicide while Bonus was still in his mother’s womb. Jeanette Koskos is a failed model, a vagabond, a former drug addict/prostitute and a life force. Now that I think about it, this book is an orphan’s crusade, because each of these characters has either physically or psychically lost his or her parents.

First is Alpental. For the life of me I cannot find out if this is a real track or a Need For Speed creation, but as I can find no mention on the ‘net of an Alpental race track except for references to Need For Speed Shift, I must assume it is a fictional track, but it is a nice one no matter. It is a one mile road course that is not too challenging yet great fun. Race against 15 other cars here and there is plenty to keep up with to have a great time. I suggest tier one or two cars here, as this is a narrow track. It has two reasonably long straights, one “S” turn and a great corner where running over the rumble strips is where you must run to master the high speed corner. This is a fun little track and great for beating and banging if one enjoys that. I know I do!

Seton Hall head coach Bobby Gonzalez had similar praise for Thabeet after Saturday afternoon’s game. “Thabeet might be the best player in the country. I’m not trying to push him out the door to turn pro but if I was a G.M. for an NBA franchise with the #1 pick overall, I would take him in a second.” said Gonzalez.

As well, the Nordschleife track has three separate configurations that are each comprised of one section of the overall 12.83 mile length, but for me the entire long track is the most fun. I might suggest to a newbie to run the sections each a few times before tackling the whole monster, but when one is ready, the fun is non-stop. There are high speed turns, downhill sweeping turns, plenty of cutbacks, a couple chicanes and some really high speed sections where only a little jog right or left will impeded one’s speed. This track will never bore one because the fun just keeps coming and coming.

Louisa Eyler, Mt. Zion Road, Dillsburg, lives in an old solid stone house. She said the house shook and the bed she was napping on shook. She was taking a nap at the time.

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