Foxcroft Academy Gets 4

Well, we are still 6 excruciating months away from the season premiere for the final season of Lost, but fear not, there is plenty to contemplate before then. Such as which characters will be returning for the final season. More importantly, will any of the deceased characters; i.e. Boone, Shannon or Charlie be making an appearance.

I had done all the work on home businesses, and wasted a lot of money, yes they are a great learning school, but really all I was doing was replacing my job with a business which was another job. I have had my fair share of business failures as well. Yes, you do more hours than if you were employed, and you pay yourself a lot less while you are getting your business off the ground, but you hope that happy staff would come in and take over and run the business while you sit back and let the money roll in.

It was all up, up and away… but there was a weak link and its name was Cara Garrett. He life was a mess as quickly came out when she was arrested (December 2010) on drug, child abuse and prostitution charges; she was arrested again in June, 2010, this time for threatening another informant in the case. .The canaries were singing… and a lot of gentlemen — including academics Flory and Garcia — got nervous, real nervous. Cara knew all… and Cara was going to tell as much of it as necessary to save her skin. It’s a very old story indeed…

I found art class to be difficult at first, but once you get the gist, it’s relatively easy. It includes an Atari type drawing game that I didn’t really find very entertaining.

If executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have their way? Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Either way, the creative wizards (wackos?) aren’t saying much, but did drop a hint recently that it IS possible. Both Cuse and Lindelof have been in England attending a salute to Lost at the British Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonus of Film and Television Arts.

Check out “Ninja Camps”. There are now modern day ninja camps around the country that offer everything from 5 day to 30 day training programs. Many interested practitioners are taking their 2 week vacations and going to Ninja camps for a week or two to get trained in this great martial art.

For a wet and wild day of family fun visit the Wildrivers waterpark. The Safari River Expedition, Typhoon Lagoon, Sweitzer Falls and Pygmy Pond will keep you cooled off while have the time of your life! Anyone that loves the water will love this theme park!

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