Cathy Guisewite Ends ‘Cathy’ Comic Strip After 34 Years Of Drawing (Video)

The Dark Knight is perhaps one of the best comic book movies of all time, and also the most financially successful one to. Heath Ledger’s performance as the joker is the main theme of this movie. Ledger disappeared into this role and made the 70 year old character his own.

Woody Allen is at it again, this time with a romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French Capital for business. It comes out in September 9th and stars Rachel Mcadams, Marion Cotillard, Adrian Brody, Michael Sheen, and Kathy Bates.

Catwoman as at least one of the villains. This character may have been played in live-action before but never like the books actually portray her. Not to mention the wonders done by TDK’s ignoring past portrayals and getting it right for other characters. Plus, Selina Kyle fits the love interest role opened by TDK’s developments, and the films’ creative team already pulls heavily from The Long Halloween, which features her well. Additionally, she might be the person to pick up Bruce Wayne’s spirits a bit after the grim chapter of the second film.

Mark Maier brings us an interesting prospective he has on negan. Mark Maier seems to be of the opinion that DC comics has a history of stereotyping it’s black characters in storylines. Whether you agree or disagree it’s an interesting, thought out article and it certainly got me thinking about a topic that I’ve never really noticed before.

It’s gotten to the point where companies make money, simply by offering storage units so that you can keep all your stuff somewhere. I never saw the point of that, yeah you have storage space, but if you want to get to any of it, you have to make a trip out there to do it.

And once the Juggalos get together at the Gathering, it will be a 48 hour long time of freshness. Non-stop fun the whole time… andwhen you are at the Gathering, you can just look out at all the other people there and say”BLANK yeh, those are my homies!”, and know that those ninjas got your back 100%.Nothing but clown luv! No matter who gives you BLANK in your normal life, your parents, BLANKheads at school, BLANKholes bosses at work, whoever, this is one place and one time in your life where none of that BLANK is happening. This is one place where you can just be your crazy BLANK Juggalo self and aint anyone gonna be sweating it…

Jelly Nuts : A Juggalo is someone who is truly free, in the real sense ofthe word. They don’t give a BLANK what people think, they don’t give a BLANK what people tell them to do, they don’t give a BLANK what anyone else is doing… the only thing they are interested in is getting BLANKin’ live and living life to the fullest. Many of us fall short from that perfect ideal, myself included, but we all at least try to live up to it,and I would say that makes us all Juggalos!

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Cathy Guisewite Ends ‘Cathy’ Comic Strip After 34 Years Of Drawing (Video)

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