Caring For Orchids – Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

Some methods of propagating orchids are fairly easily accomplished in your own home with due care and attention. However other methods are really only suitable for the commercial laboratory growers such as propagation from seed and tissue culture as both of these require extremely sterile environments to germinate and grow successfully. The methods more easily employed in the home are outlined here.

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DO give your bi quyet lam tre hoa lan da roots the perfect environment – Bark, moss and Perlite are good. Like most things your local nursery or garden center will have the right media and should also be able to advise you on the best way to use it as well as other advice on caring for orchids.

Other plants require repotting for optimum growth but some plants may not be suitable for this idea. They would not want their roots to be disturbed or other plants’ root system is small. One way to check if your plant needs repotting is to turn it upside down. Tap the pot to release the plant and check its roots. If roots are all you see, then repot.

Ludisia. Called the “jewel orchid”, needs repotting during late winter and early spring. Let this plant dry out before watering. Water it at least once a week or once every two weeks.

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Caring For Orchids – Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

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