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So you want to learn how to make money from your own home. There are only a few things you need to do to make this happen. Over the many years I’ve been marketing products online, I can tell you that the process is very simple. There are only a few steps to completing this process.

The truly successful create teams and delegate effectively. Having one (or several) good virtual assistants, a bookkeeper, a pre-paid legal plan, etc. takes the day-to-day minutiae off you so that you can focus on the big picture.

What this represents is that at the top is your “first touch”. Your job is to build interest, build rapport, get them to like you and trust you step by step. Each step down the funnel you will have fewer people as they fall out of the side of the funnel, but those that stay in the funnel, moving down to the next level are MORE interested, and like you and trust you even more than those further up the funnel. Get the idea.

Like anything else, a blog takes a little tender love and care. You have to build it, build it up, and then keep caring for it consistently like a fruit tree. No fruit tree will bear fruit if it’s not cared for, and just the same…your blog will not bear the fruit of downline members without consistent care and love.

He began our day by wanting to hear about our business. He whipped out a blank form that he called “Your Money Funnel”. On his Smart Board he filled out each of our funnels as we told him how people find us and what products and services we offer.

Have A Plan For Use Yes a proper plan. This may sound strange for an online business but the rest of the world actually does use a business plan when they want to grow a profitable business. You need to know how much you can spend each week comfortably after having done a complete analysis of your finances. This industry involved marketing. Therefore money. This is business. Therefore expenditure is needed. Some things will be easy to cater for and basically “fixed” costs. For example a solid autoresponder will be about $20 a month starting out. A readily available click funnels review such as The 7 Figure Networker where you get your software, capture pages, autoresponder emails et al… PLUS an education on top of it, that will be $50.

The problem most people have is they can’t stand to see their affiliates making more than them. Tunnel vision keeps them from seeing all the extra subscribers, customers and affiliates which could be theirs.

If you can do these 2 things in your internet business, I’m confident that you can reactivate your old customers, and get them to visit your site and buy from you again. It never hurts to try, so get out there and start doing it today. You will find that it’s more than worth it once customers start buying again.

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Building A Successful Coaching Business – Marketing Funnel – 20o 70ake The Next Step

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