Breast Augmentation – When Is It Too Big

Deciding to have surgery to enlarge your chest is a big deal. Women get breast augmentation for an array of reasons and often, it’s a great idea. Unfortunately, this surgery will not guarantee certain things and it’s important to know some of the common misconceptions women have regarding such a procedure.

In fact, any good plastic surgeon will advise you on what size implant to get. He or she will use a combination of their surgical experience and their impressions of you to give you the benefit of their advice and council on the matter. Remember that getting a Breast Augmentation Ponte Vedra FL should be a collaborative effort. It’s best when done in partnership with the surgeon.

Choosing the surgeon may actually be one of your biggest concerns. How do you know that he or she will be a good surgeon and is someone that you can trust? Well, just make sure that they are accredited and board certified. If their credentials check out, ask them for references and portfolios of their work. That’s the best way to really get a feel for who you will be dealing with. Above all, though, make sure that you follow your instincts. Don’t work with a surgeon who makes you feel uncomfortable.

Once you have a rough idea of the size that you think is right for you then discuss this with your plastic surgeon. He or she will also place temporary implants on your body so that you can discuss this prior to your surgery date.

Avoid exerting too much effort in the early stages of your recovery. During the first couple of months, the incisions and stitches made on you are still pretty fresh, as well as the trauma on your body, so doing anything strenuous can easily cause damage on your body. This, in turn, can prolong the healing time and may even introduce other complications.

If you are happy with the results, then it is likely you will be even happier as time goes on. Some cosmetic procedures can’t fully be judged until later, such as breast lift (e.g., is the upper pole volume retained?), but most procedures have very lasting effects and some are quite permanent. (e.g., rhinoplasty, breast augmentation) Little areas of swelling, unevenness, or asymmetries will likely get better with time or, even if they are not perfect, may be irrelevant given the overall very positive changes that you have seen.

Having your health in mind doesn’t mean that they will dissuade you to get the surgery. In fact, your plastic surgeon will be your biggest enthusiast and supporter. You will find that your doctor is helpful and concerned when it comes to answering your questions. If you feel that the doctor you’ve chosen for your procedure isn’t responsive, then perhaps you should seek out another person.

Switch to a healthy food habit before surgeries like breast implants or breast augmentation. When you are physically fit it is easier for the doctors to perform the surgery. Also ask your doctor about the post operation care. Once the operation is done you need to be very careful.

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