A Guide To Funky And Unusual Wedding Invitations

You are all excited and ready to plan your wedding. The costs are piling up. You want everything to be nice. It is going to be your day. So set your priorities. You want a nice gown, a beautiful wedding and reception. Start planning. One way to save money is to print your own wedding invitations.

On the other hand, you can also order your invitation cards from online shops. There are lots of websites which can help you to print your wedding invitations. One of the advantages of ordering online is that you can compare various options and the prices of different shops easily.

When you are choosing envelopes for your wedding invitation s it is essential to choose ones which match the style of your wedding and most importantly your colour scheme. A wedding stationery malaysia is the first real glimpse that people are going to get into your big day and this means that you need to reflect your wedding with your invitation, most people do this by incorporating their colour scheme. If your colour scheme was pink you may use pink ribbon on your invitation, pink diamantes along with a pink envelope. If you don’t want to give the game away and let people into knowing your colour scheme then silver envelopes will be your best choice as they will still keep your invitations looking classy and sophisticated.

You will need to wait until the New Year to send out your wedding invitations as you don’t want people to lose them before the big day and if you send them out a year in advance then the chances are invitations will be lost and people won’t know where the venue is or even the right time. Save the date cards will quite simply inform people the date that you are planning on getting married and so invitations are still required to inform people of the venues and of course the time of the wedding.

Food. A buffet will be great for wedding. A buffet costs a lot less than sit down service while it has several advantages. For one thing, people can choose whatever they would love to eat according to their favors, so there isn’t so much wastage on food and drinks. For another, it has offered your guests an opportunity to communicate with each other better.

You don’t even have to buy those kits, you can make your own. Just get standard cards, what you add to them is what makes them nice. These cards are available at almost any craft store or department stores with a craft section. If you need RSVP cards you can buy two sizes. Most places will have several sizes to choose from.

Email wedding invitations are fun, fast, cool and much easier to respond to. Spare me the standard issue traditional wedding invite with hackneyed phrases and graphics. And spare me the hassle of posting back an RSVP. Instead give me something that pops up in my in box with a simple link to RSVP. How much easier is that?

You can do your own hair and make-up. To be honest, most ladies like to do their own make-up and usually know a friend or family member who can help them with their hair and the bridal party hair as well.

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