5 Tips For Helping Your Office Go Green

In today’s technology-filled society, new products are being introduced almost every day. If you recently purchased a new home or office printer, chances are you’d like to get rid of your old one. Before you automatically put it in the garbage can, however, consider these five environmentally- and community-friendly ways to dispose of an old printer.

The Unfortunate answer is, No. In fact, it’s risen consistently each year since, as it has been since the atmospheric CO2 levels have been measured. Currently the CO2 level is now sitting at 385.92 ppm, a rise of 6.92 ppm. To break it down, that’s an increase, on average, of 1.73 ppm each year! So certainly, instead of slowing down, the problem has actually escalated. What will it be the next time the numbers are released? Only time will tell.

Firstly, it is the easiest way of starting electronics recycling. Search for the ava recycling nearby your workplace. If there are some, go and drop your electronic equipments there. They will take care of those products. Next option is, find out the people who want to buy your old video games or TV’s. This will help in using that product for longer time and you will get some cash because of this old product. And make sure, when you are selling your laptops or computers erase the personal data saved in it. The next option is charity. If you really want to get rid of some products, you can donate those to the charity.

Old TVs aren’t just an environmental hazard; without being properly disposed of they are dangerous to landfill employees as well. Old CRTs can retain an electrical charge, making them a shock hazard. The vacuum tubes can explode. And flatscreen or CRT sets are both made with large sheets of glass that can shatter and cut the unsuspecting.

Search for websites or junk shops that offer cash for old printers. There are numerous ads in Craigslist that offer different amounts of cash for your old HP printers or even old printer ink cartridges. Even Hewlett-Packard site can pay your company for old equipment that you no longer want or need. Old printers that are bought are usually refurbished, fixed and either resold at lower prices or donated to charities.

Compact florescent bulbs can replace incandescent light bulbs in almost every instance. A 22 watt compact florescent has about the same light output as a 100 watt incandescent and use 50-80% less energy. They are a little more expensive but last up to 4 times longer and save electricity which saves you money on your monthly bill.

For more information, see the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste Management District website or contact the District at 1 NW Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd, Room 327, Evansville, IN 47708. Phone: (812) 436-7800.

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